Pavel Israelsky

Online Marketing Expert in Israel
פבל ישראלסקי מומחה שיווק דיגיטלי

So this story all starts with a blog. This blog. A blog I started in 2007 called AskPavel. Working in the digital marketing field, I quickly realized that I had too many questions without clear answers.

Back then, there were not enough resources online (especially in my native language Hebrew) so I decided to build one. Today AskPavel is one of the popular digital marketing blogs in Israel with ~ 15K subscribers and ~ 30K monthly visitors.

Creating this made me more curious and passionate day after day, eventually leading me to one of the top online companies in the world –

After a number of years working in-house (client-side), I decided to switch sides, opening a digital agency – Angora Media in 2013.

Today our family includes: 30+ full time employees who fight everyday for the success of their clients, a successful academy offering a range of digital marketing courses, the largest digital marketing conference in the country and a network of websites and niche communities.

Our mission at Angora Media is to provide the answer to all of our customers digital marketing needs.

We help brands maximize their online presence, improving professional skills, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, connecting with other marketers and most importantly, educating and helping the digital community whenever we can, part of which is maintaining and running AskPavel, the blog that started it all.

You can contact me directly through the following contact form (or follow me on LinkednFacebook and Instagram).

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